Service – Monarchy Elevators

Monte-charge comes from the word “monte-charge” in French language. It’s meaning is service elevator. Service elevators are also called as food elevators because they are usually used in food service companies and big kitchens.
Service – Montecharge Elevators are usually used in restaurants with mutiple floors, villas, dorms and cafeterias to carry service items like dishes and trays. Cabin dimensions are smaller than other elevator types parallel to their purpose of usage.
Service elevators which are also thought as small type freight elevators are made to carry from 50kgs of load to 500 kgs of load. Usually guillotine type of door is used. Guillotine doors, can be opened or closed with just a simple move, making it easier fort the user and they don’t occupy so much place when opened like semi-automatic doors. Because of the properties of the materials they carry, cabins are made of materials which are hygienically approved.