Car Lift

Today increasing number of vehicles resulted in the need of car parks with multiple levels. Vehicle elevators are used when the area of the car park is limited so that the movement of the cars inside becomes a problem and area needs to be saved.
In car lifts, driver can reach the commanding button without leaving his/her car. The lift’s doors can be full automatic or half automatic. Depending on the architectural project the top or bottom floors of the building are used as car park. With the help of the traffic signalization systems, leading the card driver to the desired floor without leaving his/her car is possible.
Carrying capacity of the car lifts which has the capacity to carry around 3.000kgs, can be increased or decreased depending on the needs. Materials are oven-dried and desinged for longevity.
Also in systems with double stop, elevator takes the car to the parking lot or to the exit point without the need to press any button.