Hydraulic Lifting

Hydraulic elevators are elevator solutions which haven’t got enough space for a elevator engine room, traffic intensity is low and the cruising ranges are known.  Instead of a engine room, a ground just to mount the hydraulic unit is enough. Usually used in houses, villas and residences, renovated buildings; situations where bringing additional load is not needed ( for example, old monument renovation ), factories, shopping centers and also used as a platform for disabled people for elevation in schools with a slope.
Hydraulic elevators, as it appears on it’s name, makes the cabin move with the help of the piston using oil pressure.  While cabins own weight is used when the cabin is moving down, hydraulic oil pressure is used when the cabin is moving up. They are manufactured to have the capacity to carry from 100 kg to 25.000 kg. They are preferred along with the panoramic and freight elevators. Hydraulic elevatos is used commonly in buildings without engine rooms.