Panoramic Elevators

Improving of technology day by day like modern architectural and esthetic building designs also has impact on the design of elevators. Panoramic elevators which accomodates really well with modern architectural and modern building design are prefered not just because of their technical sufficiency but also their esthetic look. Shopping centers, plazas, public buildings, restaurants, hotels and entertainment centers are the places where panoramic elevators are prefered the most.
The most distincful property that the panoramic elevators has is that the passenger cabin is made of wide glass panel.  Usage of wide glass panel makes a feeling of spacious place and lets the passengers have a clean view of the environment that they are in.
A Panoramic elevator is assembled somewhere outside of the space outside of that floor because a conventional elevator lift takes around 4 m² of space for each floor on average which saves around   4 m² of space on each floor. Technically panoramic elevators are designed and manufactured to have the capacity ro carry between 3 to 21 people and has a speed  between 0,63 m/s to 2,5 m/s.