Stretcher – Patient Elevator

Stretcher – patient elevators which has the capacity to carry 1600 kg, 2000 kg and till 2500 kg can be preferred as either full automatic or semi automatic. Apart from semi automatic door solutions, solutions with full automatic doors and frequency control, results in more comfortable elevators.
On stretcher/patient elevators where hygene conditions matters a lot, stainless steel platings and antibacterial base materials are chosen to be used inside the cabin. Extra attention is paid on lighting, which doesn’t disturb patient’s eyes,  details like comfort and esthetics to make the patient feel better.
With the help of sensitive floor level option, whether during exiting or entering the elevator wheel chair and stretchers risk of hanging reduced to minimum. Crash girders which is located at the level of a stretcher crash, is designed to reduce the harm that may come to the patient and the cabin at a possible crash that may occur in the cabin.
Below is the properties that these elevators have, apart from the others.
  • Unique sidewall cabin lighting is used in order to avoid ceiling lighting to disturb the patient’s eyes.
  • Passenger protection system which makes the doors move backwards when there is an obstacle or a human between the door panels.
  • Level adjusting sensitivity lets stretchers transfer easily and prevents old or disabled people to hang somewhere.
  • Elevator cabin is convenient to the disabled Access conditions and also floor levels are shown in Braille alphabet.