Human – Individual Elevators

Human elevators can be either machine-motor or hydrolic drive. Can be set up with or without machine room.
These elevators are designed to carry people on regular houses between 240kg to 1000g of people and  to carry 630kg to 1600kg of people in buildings other than houses ( hotels, hospitals, business centers ).
These person elevator’s, which’s capacity is between 3 to 21 people, speed may vary between 0,40m/sec and 2,5m/sec.
Elevators with machine rooms are elevators which’s elevator drive is put in a room that is constituted on the lift shaft. Elevators built like this can be classified both according to what they carry like person elevators, freight elevators, vehile elevators, stretcher elevators, service elevators and depending on the style of the control like VVVF speed control, gearless motor.
Elevators without machine rooms are suitable for places where making a machine room is impossible. Drive machine can be either on top of the cabin or inside the elevator pit.