Freight Elevator

These kinds of elevators are established to use in factories, storages or car parks. These elevators are designed considering the most difficult conditions of the building, carrying till 30.000 kgs of load. Driving gear can be electrical and at the same time use hydraulic drive.
On electrically driven freight elevators traffic is instense and there is no limit at the number of the building floor.
Hydraulic driven elevators are usually a solution for buildings without much traffic and has medium height. Apart from elevators with electrically driven pulley, the motor only works when the elevator is going up and it doesn’t work then the elevator is going down.
Our choice among freight elevators is hydraulic elevator.
Level problems occur when the freight elevator is designed with dual speed so they are designed with VVVF frequency control.
Independently from the load, with the help of stepless speed system , leveling is done without an error.
Driving gear can be mechanical or hydraulic.